About Us

We are a Group of companies based in Hyderabad, India. Our fly ash brick and block manufacturing plants are located in Himayatsagar (near APPA junction beside ORR) and Ottinagulapalli village (beside ORR) both on the outskirts of Hyderabad. The proximity of our manufacturing units to Hyderabad, has contributed to sale and use of fly ash bricks and blocks in a number of constructions.

Each plant has the capability to manufacture 20000 blocks a day. This signifies our readiness to supply fly ash bricks in bulk and capability to handle large orders from townships and gated community projects. Our Group that includes 3 companies; Tej Building Products, N Rambabu FaLG Products and SVR Nirman Products has been in the forefront of production and supply of fly ash bricks and blocks in the state of Andhra Pradesh and entire south India.

Our management includes engineers and scientists. Each team member brings to the company proven expertise in fly ash bricks manufacturing, technologies, sales and marketing. Our team’s work has helped us to excel at maintaining quality, and sustain the compression strength of bricks and blocks with the right mix of ingredients, fly ash, lime and gypsum.

Our focus has always been on making bricks that ideally suit internal, external, load bearing and non-load bearing wall applications. Our focus found resounding success when our fly ash bricks and blocks were readily accepted by government and construction agencies for infrastructure projects. Our fly ash bricks are preferred even in LEED certified building constructions.

Remarkable has been the support and encouragement of our patrons, which includes renowned builders, contractors, planners and architects. It is not that there aren’t any fly ash brick makers in the market, our recognition speaks loud of our quality and affordable products. We take customer satisfaction as the benchmark of success, and our long list of satisfied customer speaks for itself.

We serve and continue to do so, the customers who have been with us since 1998, the year when the Group started producing quality fly ash bricks. Of our reputed customers include, L&T, Vijay Nirman, MS Engineers, NCCL, IVRCL, CCCL, NCCCL, BE Billimoria & Company and Creative India Infra. We are indebted to our patrons and investors for their continuous guidance and knowledgeable suggestions in fine tuning our products and offering fly ash bricks at a very competitive price.

The Group is concerned not only with production of fly ash bricks and blocks but also takes active part in sales and promotional activities. With large storage space for raw materials and the finished fly ash bricks, we are always ready to supply and transport fly ash bricks to anywhere in India. Over time we have established a network of distributors across India. This stands as an assurance for prompt supply of fly ash bricks to any location in India in far lesser timeframes.


To produce eco-friendly building materials


To promote the sales and use of fly ash bricks in all infrastructure projects across India


Our Group is pioneered by a team of engineers and scientists that have rich field experience. Each team member brings to the company their proven expertise in research and development, civil constructions, infra and road projects and townships. There is one thing that binds all the team members together, to bring the benefit of fly ash bricks and blocks to all constructions in the public and private space.


The Group has expertise in manufacturing and sale of fly ash bricks and blocks in India. Our expertise also includes,

  • An in-depth understanding of technologies used in manufacturing of fly ash bricks and blocks
  • Knowledge of producing quality products and research to develop products of greater quality
  • Sourcing of quality raw materials such as fly ash, sand/quarry fines, lime and gypsum from the best thermal power plants.
  • Developing an automated process that helps in controlling the raw material ratio and achieves high quality in production.
  • Continuous R&D efforts towards developing new products.