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Fly ash bricks and blocks offer the benefit of high strength, lower water absorption, consume less energy, contribute to reduced air pollution and come with superior quality and high dimensional accuracy.

We are a green company based on the established objective to create infrastructure with lesser carbon foot print, provide eco-friendly buildings and save energy. We dare to dream, to bring the best quality and environment friendly construction materials to India’s building and construction space.

We found that fly ash bricks and blocks offer promising scope towards constructing green buildings. Each fly ash brick and block that we manufacture has high quality. The fly ash bricks feature high compressive strength, low water absorption, uniform shape, high strength-weight ratio, no greenhouse gas emission or efflorescence and consume less mortar in construction.

It has been proven the world over that fly ash bricks and blocks are far more economical and environment friendly than the conventional mud bricks and clay bricks. Our Group’s preference for fly ash bricks and blocks manufacturing is verified and supported by government and construction agencies, preference to use fly ash bricks and blocks in the construction of buildings and infrastructure projects.

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