Fly Ash Bricks

Fly ash bricks and blocks are manufactured from the fly ash obtained from designated thermal power stations. Our Group of companies has signed MOUs with certain thermal power plants for continuous supply of fly ash. As fly ash has ceramic properties and pozzalamic properties it is considered as ideal for the manufacturing of fly ash bricks.

These properties of fly ash help us to analyze and assess the quality of the fly ash, and its choice for making fly ash bricks and blocks. So, we are very shrewd when it comes to picking up the right fly ash raw material that goes into making of bricks and blocks. At our two manufacturing units, the production process is completely automated. We focus strongly on uniform mixing, uniform and established pressing loads and uniform quality bricks.

Fly Ash Bricks and Blocks

The Group has been manufacturing fly ash bricks since 1998. Each fly ash brick comes in two sizes of 4 inches and 6 inches. Extreme care is taken to ensure that high grade raw material is used in making each brick. It is this fact that has enhanced our reputation in the market as a producer of quality bricks. Each fly ash brick features,

  • High compressive strength
  • ASTM and ISI standard
  • Inspected and approved by quality analysts
  • Produced at the state of art manufacturing facilities
  • Pressing load of 70 tons
  • Compressive strength (50 – 85 kg/cm2)
  • Low water absorption (8 – 12 percent)
  • Completely machine made with perfect shape and size
  • Density of each fly ash brick is maintained at 1700 kg/m3
  • No efflorescence

Size: Each fly ash brick and block is available in different sizes

Sl .No Size in mmSize in inches
1400 x 200 x 20016 x 8 x 8
2400 x 150 x 20016 x 6 x 8
3400 x 100 x 20016 x 4 x 8
4150 x 150 x 300  6 x 6 x 12
5150 x 230 x 300  6 x 9 x 12
6150 x 200 x 400  6 x 8 x 16
7  75 x 100 x 225  3 x 4 x 9

Advantages: By using our fly ash bricks and blocks you gain the following advantages

  • Due to their high strength the bricks don’t break during transit
  • As each block is of uniform size very less mortar is required to join them
  • Once jointed the fly ash bricks do not allow for water seepage
  • We can apply plaster of Paris directly on the fly ash bricks, doing away with the need for a backing coat of plaster and there isn’t any need for sprinkling water

Quality Standards: IS 4139:1939 & 12894:1990

Manufacturing Process

The Group of companies adheres to standard industry processes in the manufacturing of fly ash bricks and blocks. Significantly, the fly ash bricks are manufactured in the same manner as clay bricks, only difference being the raw materials that go into making of fly ash bricks.

The process involves mixing the raw materials (fly ash, gypsum, alum and stone crushing dust) in a proper ratio. The mixed product is put into an automation locking machine. This mix is dumped into brick moulds for shape and compression. The blocks are dried and watered. After two-day drying the bricks are ready to be sold.

Info-graphics: Manufacturing process at our plants.



The Group has created the state of art facilities at the two plants. First and foremost, we have created for adequate storage or warehouses at the plants. This has ensured storing of fly ash bricks for rapid transport and on-time delivery. Next, we have arranged for quality testing of fly ash bricks at the two plants. This has speeded up the process of quality certification after manufacturing fly ash bricks.

The Group has always cared for labor and their welfare. We have provided decent accommodation and common facilities like canteen, washrooms and medical support at the plant premises. The labor is provided safety equipment to protect them from occupational hazards and accidents. In this context, uniforms, helmets, gloves and boots are provided to all employees.

We have put in place a robust communication mechanism that attends to each customer call and product orders. Follow-up on each product delivery is assured by the latest tracking technology. The personnel at the two plants are supervised and guided by senior staff at the company’s head office.


The Group adheres to national and international standards in fly ash bricks quality. We follow Bureau of India Standards (BIS) norms for maintaining quality of product and testing. The prescribed standard for fly ash bricks and blocks is IS 12894:1990